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   Hello and welcome to our MKX 2 project !


   You will find in this blog all the steps we went through to develop our RICA 4 in order to solve the issue that the CEA of Marcoule is confronting.

   The issue we have to find a solution to here is about exploring and investigating blind cells in the nuclear field. Because of the dangers linked to the nuclear radiations, it is impossible for a human being to enter in these blind cells. To remedy this situation, the CEA decided to design an innovative system that includes a mobile base that can enter and investigate the blind cells, the RICA.

   We are enhancing the last version of the robot RICA during our three year diploma at the Ecole des Mines d’Alès. Going from the 3rd to the 4th version of the RICA where we mainly improve the mobility of the mobile base. The RICA 4 will have new abilities in terms of mobility in order to be able to climb a 30cm high step and to cross a pit of half a wheelbase.

   In order to solve this issue, we have a team of ten students with various backgrounds linked to mechatronics as presented in the About us  page. Some of us are more specialized in mechanics, some in electronics and sensors. This variety brings us all the skills needed for this problem. We have formulated the organic and functional architectures of this system during the first year. Now, we are moving on to the mechatronic conception.

MKX2 | Second Mechatronics Apprentice class | Ecole des Mines d'Alès 6, Avenue de Clavières 30100 Alès, France 

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