The power supply
Connected to an electric sucket, it supplies our mobile base with 24V with the umbilical cable
Umbilical cable
10 meters long of two 6mm² wires (red for phase and blue for ground) and ethernet cable shielded with cross-braiding
Our electronics
The two boards on which we put all our electronic components
All five motors
9Nm Engine torque & 24V input
Baptiste makes sure the measures are correct
Morning review
The morning meeting before starting to mill the mechanical pieces
Building the testing ground
The 20° tilted plane
Building the testing ground
The 30cm high step to climb
Distance sensors Calibration Bench
The bench we used to calibrate our infrared sensors
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MKX2 | Second Mechatronics Apprentice class | Ecole des Mines d'Alès 6, Avenue de Clavières 30100 Alès, France 

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